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Mirror poem

Our literature teacher, told us to answer some questions about a poem we read.

  1. What is the effect of Plath’s choice to write the poem from a mirror’s perspective?
  2. Why do you think Plath switched the perspective from a mirror to a lake?
  3. Would this poem read differently if it had been written by a man? What about if a man was visiting the lake?
  4. How old do you think the woman in the poem is?
  5. Growing older is scary in this poem. When you think of yourself aging, is it scary like that “terrible fish”?

1- The effect on Plath’s choice to write from a mirror perspective, is because mirrors don’t lie, can’t lie. They only see your true you, your true image.

2-I believe he changed the perspective of the poem to the narrator being a lake, is because mirrors can look things exactly as they are. Instead, the image that a lake gives is or can be disturbed, just as human vision. What I mean is that the image a lake gives, is much more looking-like that how we see ourselves, because our brain distrubs it just as the lake does.

3- It all depends on what type of man wrote it. There are man that care about their image too, and viceversa.

4- I think this woman is very old, because she says that the woman in the lake is growing old, and I believe that she is THAT woman.

5- I don’t think growing old is scary, at least because I’m catholic. And although it is weird to think about, I think the ‘life before the life’ will be awesome

Writing task

Our history teacher told us to draw an object and do a poem about it

Trash can, by Manolo Padilla and Bautista Bravo

Always the trash I am receiving,

The tings that people waste,

My story is about dying,

Under the things that people hate.

Now I am a sea,

Fish live inside me,

And with the waste I eat,

 The life inside me they kill.