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Seed germination- Biology project

  1. On July the 5th, we prepared a flask with soaked lentils, cotton and blotting paper to make the seeds germinate. In my case, as I didn’t had a flask that day, I started the project by myself on Mar Del Sur the 22nd of July.

We worked in pairs, in my case, with Lucas Alonso Breuer studying variables (temperature, water, sunlight and oxygen).

The variable we studied was with sunlight, so Lucas protected his flask from sunlight, but he made a mistake and give it artificial light, which we later found out that also helps for photosynthesis. Also we couldn’t compare perfectly our results as I by mistake put in another temperature than him, more info below (;.

Besides of starting a couple of weeks later, I actually had more difficulties than that one. In MDS, the temperature was very cold, which I did most definitely not expect, so I didn’t know when to water it or were to leave it. After fighting for 3 days with the seeds, the 4th day they germinated.Pitifully, they died on day 7 because of the cold (I suppose). After seeing this, I accidentally dropped the flask and couldn’t take a proper picture

The short term causes of the world war one

Two weeks ago we did a google Doc on Short term causes of the world war 1.

In the doc we answered some questions on the Moroccan crises, the Bakans crisis, the naval and arms race and the murder at Sarajevo.

Then in class we did a scrapbook summary that you can see below…


Then we did a Lino in which we analysed the causes…