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Activity on connectors

Our language teacher gave us a task on connectors. What we are supposed to do is to find how Roald Dahl uses connectors on his story, «Boy», by finding 4 examples of each type of connector in the book. If we can’t find what we are supposed to find, we should create the example ourselves. The ones from the book will be between inverted commas and the ones I created will not.


  • «At first I only heard the crack…»
  • «…Mr. Coombes’s performance the second time…»
  • «The third one seemed worse than the second…»
  • «…Fifth Form next to them!»


  • «…But it was the result of tremendous…»
  • «Thus, the unsuspecting parents received…»
  • «I must tell you, therefore, that it was…»
  • Argentina didn’t win the world cup, so I got sad


  • «So indeed was the entire mantelpiece…»
  • «Quite obviously our opinions on anything…»
  • «…and acting generally like a man with some serious…»
  • «In fact, we often went the other way»


  • «If there are, for example, ten people…»
  • «…all manner of treasures, such as a magnet…»
  • I can do several things, for instance, play the guitar
  • I can’t do several things, namely, play baseball


  • «…just as the manly lover always did it»
  • «…the second time was the same as the first»
  • Not only he is blind, but also deaf
  • This smell is similar to my house’s


  • «…they agreed to separate because  each of them…»
  •  I play football due to the fact that I like it
  • Since I like gaming, I play video games
  • I go to school as I am obliged to


  • «In addition to that, my father became…»
  • «…as well as her two unmarried sisters»
  • I play the guitar, and the piano too
  • I went to football and tennis classes


  • «It was, nevertheless a touching and generous…»
  • «Although they came from a simple family…»
  • «None of these things are important, but each of them…»
  • «Better even than the Welsh ones, despite the fact…»


Boy first chapter

Our language teacher told us to write 8 question on Roald Dahl’s Boy audiobook, first chapter, here is the link:


1. What was the name of Roald Dahl’s father?

2. When is Roald Dahl ‘writing this words’?

3. How was the doctor’s arrival

4. What happened with Harald’s arm?

5. Where did Harold and Oscar go?

6. Where did Harold stay in France?

7. How did trains work?

8. What was trains fuel?