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All My Sons pre-reading

Arthur Miller


  1. He was born in 1915
  2. He is a playwright
  3. He was married 3 times
  4. He debuted in broadway in 1944, with The Man Who Had All The Luck
  5. He won a Tony award in 1947 with All My Sons
  6. He released Death Of A Salesman in 1949
  7. With this last hit came a lot of prizes, the Pulitzer, a Tony, and more
  8. He was married to Marilyn Monroe
  9. Marilyn Monroe raised him to the Hollywood stardom
  10. He died in 2005


Part 2


  • How would you define a responsible person?

Someone who doesn’t fail in doing what they are supposed to do in certain situations and has good criteria.

  • Are you a responsible person? Why or why not? Give examples of people you know in your personal life or in the public domain who are responsible. How do these individuals support your definition?

Yes, I would consider I’m responsible but not that much. I believe I comply with the common criteria but I tend to forget to do things such as homework for example. I think my parents are very responsible. They don’t miss work often, they take good care of us, etc.

  • How does one learn to become a responsible person?
    Who are the “teachers” and where do we find them in our lives?

I think we learn to be responsible for others. Teachers are those who, basically teach us. But this doesn’t mean they have to teach us school subjects for example. Anything from life lessons to math is learning that teachers can transmit. We can find them very easily, not only in school but if we pay attention we can see teachers in even advice from our friends and family.

  • Is being responsible for a character trait that you value a lot?
    Why or why not?

I don’t really have a strong opinion on it. But I think if I were to be with someone I’d get tired of them really easily if they are irresponsible. I many times feel as if people who are irresponsible don’t care about others, which is not nice.

  • The Golden Rule is “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” What does this statement mean? Can you think of a situation in your own life in which you used this statement as the guiding principle for the action that you took? If “yes,” explain.

It means that you should treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself. I can’t think of a concrete example, but usually, when someone asks me for a favor I give it to them because I know I’d appreciate them a lot if they were to do that for me.


A view from the bridge chart


Character Quotation Explanation Effect on readers
Rodolpho 1)If in my hands I take a little bird. And she grows and wishes to fly. But I will not let her out of my hands because I love her so much, is that right for me to do?

2)I am furious! Goes to her. Do you think I am so desperate?[…]You think I would carry on my back a woman that I didn’t love just to be an American? It’s so wonderful? You think we don’t have talk building in Italy? Electric lights? No wide streets? No automobiles? Only work we don’t have. I want to be an American so I can work, that is the only Wonder here-work! How can you insult me, Catherine?

1)What Rodolpho means here is that he wouldn’t ruin a life for love. If you love someone, let them be happy no matter what. That’s what love is about.

2)Rodolpho feels insulted by Katie. He feels like Catherine thinks that she is the prize for the immigrant who escaped from Italy. He feels that Catherine insults Italy and says that USA is much better. He says that the only thing they don’t have in Italy is jobs. And that he wouldn’t carry a woman just to be american. Because that wouldn’t be love, but an insult towards his country.

1)Rodolpho is very mature, he understands what is and what is not love. He struggles to make Katie, an innocent, immature girl understand.

2)This again clearly shows us Rodolpho’s maturity. He clearly understand (again) how love and life in general work. He loves his country. This is a very shocking moment in the play as we are revealed a big part of the young Italian’s personality.

Eddie 1)Pack it up. Go ahead. Get your stuff and get outta here. Catherine instantly turns and walks towards the bedroom, and Eddie grabs her arm. Where you going?

2)He reaches out suddenly, draws her to him, and as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth.

1) Eddie is sick of Rodolpho. He is jealous of him and wants him to go back to Italy, dead or alive. He wants Katie for herself, and that is impossible with Rodolpho in the way.

2)This quote confirms what we already suspected from Eddie. He sees Katie as a woman and not his daughter.

We are really shocked in this scene, as everything we suspected and wished not to happen, happens, and Eddie unleashes his anger in Rodolpho

2) This moment is of total epiphany as Eddie not only confirms his not correspondencia love for Katie, but puts it in action.

Catherine 1)Well, you’re always saying it’s so beautiful there, with the mountains and the ocean and all the –

2) I’m afraid of Eddie here.

1)In this quote Catherine proves her innocence. She believes Italy is just beautiful trees. She just doesn´t understand more mature stuff, like the crisis Italy was going through.

2)Catherine realized that Eddie was  behaving suspiciously. She knows that he is up to something, but doesn’t know what.

1)Catherine’s speech makes us desperate. We are almost in the climax, and she still doesn’t know what is going on.

2)This is another epiphanic moment. We get really surprised because after all, Catherine can think, and she is not so much of the ignorant girl we knew.