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Lab experiment: Growing Bacteria

August 23rd

Describe what we did last class (Wednesday) and the results today

You may add drawings or photos to be clearer


Last class we preapered flavourless jelly without cooling it to make it solid. Then, we decided that we wanted to watch bacteria reproduction, and as flavourless jelly is transparent and of an interesting solidity it was a nice thing to test it on.

To do this we had to choose between coughing on our hands, or touching dirty things such as the floor. We chose to cough and then we put our finger on the non-solid-yet jelly. All this we did on a petri dish which are used to grow bacteria.

Today, after 1 week we went to the lab to see the result of our bacteria growth. Our dish isn’t so dirty, so we can guess that one week ago our mouth was quite clean from bacteria. Instead, the people that chose to touch the floor got more disgusting results. Here is ours:



Today we worked with quizlet to learn about classification, and prove ourselfs

Words (biological meaning) now I know the meaning of:


Domain: Higher biological rank

Then I did an IGCSE test on quizlet

I got a 75%!

Then I did a gravity game!