Analysis by comparison

In this entry of the portfolio I will talk about the last activity we did, comparing Sonnet 19 by Shakespeare to another poem related to the passing of time. I worked with Mora, Gonzalo, Olivia, and Sofi, and we worked on the poem «Passing time» by Maya Angelou.

The activity

I enjoyed this activity quite a bit. I’m not usually a fan of working in groups but I found that we ware able to work in a greatly organized manner, which allowed us to finish the task with ease and dividing the work fairly between all of us from the start.

We decided to split the work so that everyone’s part would fit their time available and synergize well with the rest. I find that working in groups in such way is really enjoyable and actually a lot better than working alone.

What I found great about this activity too, is the fact that we learnt about a new poem by comparing it to past poems we read. I liked this a lot too, understanding the new poem by having a foundation of similar poems studied is great and very useful.

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