Making connections: Bullying

In this entry of the E-Portfolio I will talk about the activity «making connections» that we did.

This activity consisted of 3 tasks, all relating to some work and research we had done on bullying so far. Until then, we had:

  • Read some articles on bullying
  • Read The Doll’s house and analyzed it
  • Watched some music videos on said topic

With all this information, now we had to connect it and analyze how the various sources and discussions we had relate to one another.

This is my activity:

Task 1

What connections can you make between the story “A Doll’s House” and the articles you have read. (Quote to prove ideas)

“And I’m to choose who’s to come and see it first. Mother said I might.”

 “Lil gasped, then she said, ‘Your ma told our ma you wasn’t to speak to us.’”

I think the article “Why children become bullies at school” explains very well the behaviors we see in the Burell’s. The article claims that one part of why children become bullies is because they imitate their parents’ social interactions. For example, if they see their parents making fun of other people, it will be normalized to them, translating into bullying. It also says that children might become bullies because it is what is expected of them from their mates. I don’t think this is the case in The Doll’s House.

In the story, when one of the Burrells talks to Lil, she replies ‘Your ma told our ma you wasn’t to speak to us.’. This clearly shows how Mrs. Burrell promotes bullying, and her children eventually pick up on it. Also, we can see this attitude in Isabella, “And I’m to choose who’s to come and see it first. Mother said I might.”. We can see how Mrs. Burrell has no problem letting her daughter discriminate against others and promote differences in popularity and hierarchy.

Task 2

Insert the video of the song chosen.

-What is the theme?

Bullying and prejudice

-Mention 3 lines, phrases that you like, and say why?

  • “got nothin’ in my brain / That’s what people say” I like this phrase because she first states that she has nothing in her brain as a fact, but then clarifies that “that’s what people say” It represents that not because people say things they are true.
  • “And the haters gonna hate” I like this phrase because it is such a great simplification of life, and it almost sounds stoic-ish. Haters gonna hate, acknowledge that, and it won’t bother you as much anymore.
  • “Just think while you’ve been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats in the world / You could have been getting down to this sick beat” This phrase sounds almost childish, but I think that is, in part, what makes it so good. Children don’t overthink about all the bad in the world, they don’t get stuck in knowing there are mean people. They, many times, just don’t care and move on, and this is exactly what that part conveys. Why would you waste your time thinking about the bad people when you could have been enjoying some music instead? Maybe, living like children is the key to happiness…

-Which literary term predominates? What is the effect on the audience?

By far, the most present literary devices in this song are repetition and rhyming. This creates an effect of focus from the audience. By getting the audience to focus on these rhymes (by repetition), she puts into action the whole point of the song, which is what makes it so genius. For the length of the song, you are not thinking about bullies, evil, bad people, “the cheats of the world”, you are, literally, shaking those off.

Task 3

Write your opinion on the topic in 3 lines.

I think bullying and popularity are both issues very hard to deal with. People will claim that bullying is an important part of growing up, and getting through it gives you power for the future. However, I think we should be taught those tools and bullying should be utterly prohibited.

I definitely think I gave my best effort on this assignment, in fact, I actually quite enjoyed it. My approach, especially on task 2, was to analyze as deep as I could a song that at first listen would seem rather superficial and not meaningful. This is what I think I did best in this assignment, as I work best when I can apply a more subjective to an issue and provide my own opinion and thought process, which is why I would also say that these kind of activities are the ones I work best on.

I think the information, sources, links, etc. that Pat provided were extremely useful and offered very good points of view. I think the objective of this project was to widen our knowledge and understanding of the problem that is bullying. I’d say that I achieved the objective because I would be able to discuss the problem from varied point of views and understand them well.

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