E-Portfolios are a way to keep track and record your learning as to not lose it, and facilitate learning by association. It works by analyzing learning experiences and making a selection of which ones to dive deeper to. Then, reflecting upon them and creating a post, an entrance, or whatever you like to keep a record.

Reviewing other E-portfolios

Aresi: I really liked that he organized his portfolios by year, which I didn’t see all of the other students do. I think it looks good, organized. and seems complete.

Llobet: I liked that is similar in the organization as Aresi’s, but it looks bad aesthetically in my opinion. It is probably of great use and the entrances are complete, but it doesn’t look very pleasing.

de Elía: Just like Aresi’s, I really liked it. The organization is clean, looks great, and is SUPER complete with long entrances.