Cooperative writing

Tomás Galmarini, Fermín Serra Vázquez, Manuel Padilla

In this picture we can see the beautiful landscape that is the mountains, we can see a gorgeous, vintage, ghastly, grey wooden house, sitting on a stone brick foundation, with a gigantic straw ceiling giving a sweet sweet home atmosphere, and by its resemblance to the green floor, sets the house in its environment, making it fit with the scenery wonderfully. An inviting and mysterious orange window lies in the side of the house, beautifully placed with a fabulous colour choice. The white snowy mountains can be seen wonderfully in the background of the picture with the light blue sky behind it. The deep blue sky, immense in it’s greatness, rests colourful behind the mountains, accompanied by the voluminous and fluffy clouds, all of which reflects in the deep white snow, tinting the background blue. We can also see the green and vivid grass, colours of warmth and life, in contrast with the high and very cold mountains.