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Character Quotation Explanation Effect on readers
Rodolpho 1)If in my hands I take a little bird. And she grows and wishes to fly. But I will not let her out of my hands because I love her so much, is that right for me to do?

2)I am furious! Goes to her. Do you think I am so desperate?[…]You think I would carry on my back a woman that I didn’t love just to be an American? It’s so wonderful? You think we don’t have talk building in Italy? Electric lights? No wide streets? No automobiles? Only work we don’t have. I want to be an American so I can work, that is the only Wonder here-work! How can you insult me, Catherine?

1)What Rodolpho means here is that he wouldn’t ruin a life for love. If you love someone, let them be happy no matter what. That’s what love is about.

2)Rodolpho feels insulted by Katie. He feels like Catherine thinks that she is the prize for the immigrant who escaped from Italy. He feels that Catherine insults Italy and says that USA is much better. He says that the only thing they don’t have in Italy is jobs. And that he wouldn’t carry a woman just to be american. Because that wouldn’t be love, but an insult towards his country.

1)Rodolpho is very mature, he understands what is and what is not love. He struggles to make Katie, an innocent, immature girl understand.

2)This again clearly shows us Rodolpho’s maturity. He clearly understand (again) how love and life in general work. He loves his country. This is a very shocking moment in the play as we are revealed a big part of the young Italian’s personality.

Eddie 1)Pack it up. Go ahead. Get your stuff and get outta here. Catherine instantly turns and walks towards the bedroom, and Eddie grabs her arm. Where you going?

2)He reaches out suddenly, draws her to him, and as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth.

1) Eddie is sick of Rodolpho. He is jealous of him and wants him to go back to Italy, dead or alive. He wants Katie for herself, and that is impossible with Rodolpho in the way.

2)This quote confirms what we already suspected from Eddie. He sees Katie as a woman and not his daughter.

We are really shocked in this scene, as everything we suspected and wished not to happen, happens, and Eddie unleashes his anger in Rodolpho

2) This moment is of total epiphany as Eddie not only confirms his not correspondencia love for Katie, but puts it in action.

Catherine 1)Well, you’re always saying it’s so beautiful there, with the mountains and the ocean and all the –

2) I’m afraid of Eddie here.

1)In this quote Catherine proves her innocence. She believes Italy is just beautiful trees. She just doesn´t understand more mature stuff, like the crisis Italy was going through.

2)Catherine realized that Eddie was  behaving suspiciously. She knows that he is up to something, but doesn’t know what.

1)Catherine’s speech makes us desperate. We are almost in the climax, and she still doesn’t know what is going on.

2)This is another epiphanic moment. We get really surprised because after all, Catherine can think, and she is not so much of the ignorant girl we knew.


Project on Darwin

The project for our last term was about Darwin. Here is the link to the task




1- He disagrees with some of Darwin’s points in the book On the origin of species because he can’t be convinced that apes are human ancestors.

2-  They are friends and trust each other, they respect each other’s beliefs.

3- He embraced Darwin’s theory about all being coming from one common descendant but had difficulty agreeing with how far Darwin had taken it

4-  She fears they would have different opinions on religion and that is why she asks him to read an extract from the bible, she probably doesn’t want him to talk to her about it because she is afraid of what he may think.

2- We believe now there is a lot more tolerance than there was in Darwin’s times, because before people were a lot more strict when it came to religion, and whoever questioned it was bad. Now people are more free to express their ideas without being judged.

3-  Once, I had a discussion with a very religious friend about how I didn’t believe in god, he kept insisting that I was wrong because I had a different opinion. The conflict was solved by talking to him calmly and explaining how having a different point of view and different beliefs doesn’t mean someone is wrong.

4- We believe an issue that causes conflict in society is terrorism, many people do this kind of horrific acts because they believe they are beneficial in some way, terrorism is generally related to religion. But in the other side, the people who suffer from terrorist attacks are mostly innocent and don’t deserve to be hurt or die because of someone else’s belief.


5- We believe a possible solution for terrorism is educating the people for them to understand that that kind of acts are wrong and not beneficial for anyone, not even for themselves.


6- Tolerance is a crucial concept for people to live in harmony, we need to understand that if someone else has a different belief or opinion, it doesn’t mean its wrong or that person is an “enemy”. Tolerance is also a way of reducing terrorism.


What does Darwin believe? 


1-Letter questions


  1.  Darwin is not able to believe in an existing God, because he cannot see how a “beneficent and omnipotent” God would create Ichneumonidae, which are a family of parasitic wasps. This means that they feed on other animal’s bodies. He cannot understand how a good being would create such a bad thing, which is what many of us keep wondering to date.
  2. Darwin says this because he believes that his word is not stronger that religion. Religion was a very important thing in those times, and the idea of God not existing was radical.
  3. The letters clearly show how difficult it was for Darwin to believe in God. He wants to, but he is not able to. He cannot understand how a God, for example, would create bugs who´s lives are based on consuming other living organisms lives, or how a lighting, by natural laws, would kill a man, whether good or bad.. Charles believes that the amount of suffering the world and humanity go through has to be the result of a natural sequence of events, and not the willing of God.


2-Reasons why we might or not support the idea of God existing when there is so much misery in the world.


In favour Against
  • The existence of terrifying and bad things, such as, in Darwin’s words, Ichneumonidae.
  • The death of the good.
  • Illnesses and other causes of massive death.
  • The existence of bad in people created, according to the bible, to God’s (a benevolent being) image.
  • All the bad things are created by Satan.
  • We need death for the natural cycle to continue as it has
  • Every single organism is needed for nature
  • God gives us the possibility of choosing for ourselves, we choose to be bad




Us: Do you believe in God besides your theory?

Darwin: No, I don’t, the idea that a beneficent God created this world bewilders me.

Us: Why do you deny the existence of God?

Darwin: I can’t see how a benevolent being would be the beginning of such and not benevolent world.

Us: Then, how do you think the world begun?

Darwin: I think we all come from the same, most simple organism. I still have a lot to think about this theory, so I am not yet able to give you a useful answer.

Act 1

Act 1.

1)“Where you goin’ all dressed up?…What happened to your hair?” Are Eddie’s remarks to Catherine compliments or criticisms? Explain your answer


Eddie’s remarks are critics. He is being passive-aggressive about the way Katie dresses. He doesn’t want her to dress up nicely as she doesn’t like man watching her, especially Rodolpho


2) What do Eddie’s comments on Catherine’s current behaviour suggest about his relationship with her?


He loves her. Too much. He got to a point in which he is strangely attached to her and believes no man is worth of her love. He doesn’t like the way he dresses, walk, or just IS around men.


3) To what extent does Eddie send Catherine mixed messages by his contradictory language, telling her on the one hand ‘You’re a baby’s and on the other hand ‘You’re getting to be a big girl now’?

Eddie is telling that she is a baby and at the same time that she is grown up. His confuses Catherine and makes her act like a baby while thinking like an adult. An example of this is when we find out that Catherine walks in her panties around Eddie as if she were a baby, while she wants to be let to go to work.


4)What is revealed about Eddie’s character from the following?


  • Beatrice’s comment: “I’m just afraid if it don’t turn out good you’ll be mad at me”.



This tells us that Eddie is a jealous man and that Beatrice as well as himself want time for each other to be together without all the family.



  • His pattern of 3 questions: “What’s all this about? Where’s she goin’?… What’s goin’ on?”


Eddie is very lost respecting Katie’s life and he is very conservative about her and doesn’t want her to call men’s attention.



  • His negative language: “No-no… not wonderful…never get nowheres… no job”.


He doesn’t agree with nothing. He can’t make up his mind and sends multiple mixed messages.



  • On debating Catherine’s job: “That ain’t what I wanted, though


This tells us about Eddie that, ad previously said, he can’t make up his mind and I’d a carry-on.


5) What sort of relationship does Eddie have with his wife?


Eddie and Beatrice are in a difficult relationship due to Katie’s integration. Catherine makes the relationship interrupted and doesn’t let them time for themselves. They constantly have to worry about everything leaving them with no time to worry about them. That’s way B is jealous of Katie.


6) Eddie directly calls Catherine a variety of affectionate terms, such as ‘Katie… kid… a baby…. A big girl…. Madonna(i.e. the Virgin Mary)… Garbo’- Discuss how each one gives a different view of Catherine in his eyes.


The ways in which Eddie calls Catherine reinforces what we said about him sending mixed messages. On the one hand he calls her ‘Katie… kid… a baby…” making her feel like he has no problem with her behaving as one. In the other hand he compares her to famous women. “Garbo” and “Madonna” are a few examples of the ways he calls her. Later on we find out that this is the way he really sees her.


1) What do the following suggest about Catherine’s character at the start of the play?


  • Her persistent repetition of the question “You like it?” to Eddie


Katie needs Eddie’s approval for everything and doesn’t want to disappoint him.


  • Her body language “[She sits on her heels beside him.]”


She feels protected by him so she stays close him.


  • She is “[almost in tears because he disapproves.]”


As before said, she needs Eddie’s approval to be happy herself, which is why she cries in this moment.


2) How does Beatrice backup Catherine’s case for taking the job?


The main reason Beatrice wants Katie to get the job is because she is not a baby anymore. This is what he uses as her main argument. But also secretly, she wants her to go to have some time alone with Eddie.


3)”Stay there! I’ll get it for you… Here! I’ll light it for you!’ To what extent do you think Catherine tries too hard to please Eddie and is therefore partly responsible for his possessiveness towards her?


Katie tries too hard to please Eddie because she feels Eddie tried to hard to please her and to take care of her when she was a child. She is always helping Eddie, and like that confusing him. Eddie acts as if she belonged to him and she couldn’t act for herself. I think this is katie’s fault.


4)How far are we surprised by Catherine’s question to Rodolpho regarding his marital status, bearing in mind her earlier focus on hum when he first arrived?


We are not at all surprised. Katie is from the beginning in love with Rodolpho and everything to do with him and from the beginning she wants to marry him.

5)How does Catherine react to Eddie’s suggestion that Rodolpho only wants to marry her to gain American citizenship?

She directly ignores this idea as she loves Rodolpho and is convinced Rodolpho loves her. She tells Eddie to shut up because it is all lies.


6)How important is Beatrice in Catherine’s development to womanhood?


B is extremely important for Katie’s development to womanhood. She does want her to go to work and to get married, contrary to Eddie.



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