In the last classes of Biology, we have been studying Evolution and Natural and Human selection. We were asked to make a 5-line (approx.) summary of it.

Evolution is any change in the heritable traits within a population across generations. Traits are the little things that are specified in our DNA. For example, the color of the eyes, length of the fingers, amount of hair in the body, etc.

Descent with modification is the fact that when parents have children, those children will look and behave a little bit different from them. These changes happen because of random variation in the DNA of he offspring.

Natural selection is something that the nature does to make organisms take advantage of evolution. For example, if ‘nature’ doesn’t want frogs to be eaten by snakes, then a frog would be born with a frightening color. That way, when it reproduces, frogs with that color will not be eaten and the rest will die. This way frogs can keep existing.

When cells reproduce they divide themselves in two, and the two new cells grow back to the normal size. When they duplicate their nuclei is also duplicated, so the DNA is the same in both. But sometimes this might fail and the DNA may have changed. This is called DNA Mutation. This is another form of evolution.

When we reproduce the genes contatined in the DNA and traits of the mother and the father will mix, creating a new set of DNA.  This will be passed on the his/her children and DNA will keep changing. This is Evolution.

Work on USA in the 1920s

Imagine you are a journalist in USA in the 1920s. You have the opportunity of interviewing one of the leaders of the KKK. Write the interview you imagine you could make. (Bauti – Tomás – Manolo)

Journalist: Today we are here with the KKK leader, James A. Colescott, the Imperial Wizard. Shall we start with the questions?
KKK Leader: Sure, Mr.  

Journalist: Recently the Klan resurged in an attempt to eliminate the black people, what caused this resurging?

KKK Leader: Well, the movie “The birth of a Nation”

recently came out, it remembered us why we are here and why all Niggers should be dead.

Journalist: Ok, interesting. Don’t you think that Nigger is a strong word.

KKK Leader: It should be, it intimidates blacks and offends them, which is the right thing.

Journalist (shocked): Oh. How many participants does the Klan currently have? How do you recruit them?

KKK Leader: Well, first they apply for a membership«. Then we go to their homes to inspect them, ‘till we make sure they are 100% white. If they have another descendance we don’t accept them. Currently we have more than 50,000 people.

Journalist: I understand. What is your motivation for killing black people?

KKK leader: There are many reasons. We have fun killing them, we enjoy it. But the main one is that we want white people, real people to rule this world. Black people are just worthless. We kill them for hostility.

Journalist: Ok, one more question, what does Ku Klux Klan mean?

KKK Leader: Well, the Ku Klux part comes from the greek word Kuklos (Circle), and we added Klan. The name as one means White Racial Brotherhood. Also there are myths that the name is that because Ku Klux sounds like a rifle being charged.

Journalist: Okay, thank you very much that’s all.