Boy first chapter

Our language teacher told us to write 8 question on Roald Dahl’s Boy audiobook, first chapter, here is the link:


1. What was the name of Roald Dahl’s father?

2. When is Roald Dahl ‘writing this words’?

3. How was the doctor’s arrival

4. What happened with Harald’s arm?

5. Where did Harold and Oscar go?

6. Where did Harold stay in France?

7. How did trains work?

8. What was trains fuel?



Today we worked with quizlet to learn about classification, and prove ourselfs

Words (biological meaning) now I know the meaning of:


Domain: Higher biological rank

Then I did an IGCSE test on quizlet

I got a 75%!

Then I did a gravity game!


Interview to Roald Dahl

M: Hello, my name is Manuel Padilla and I am a reporter from Las Cumbres school, I would like to ask you  a couple of question if you don’t mind

RD: Oh, I appreciate that, wanna have a seat?

M: Yes please… I am going to ask you questions about your life and books in  chronological order. First question, It is known that the principal of your school, beated you, is there any reason for that that you can tell us?

RD: No, emmm, not that I can tell you at least

M: In the time that you were in Repton and St. Peter’s schools, how did you do in school?

RD: Ugh, emmm, I don’t want to boast, but, yes, I did really well. I even won some prizes, as you can see, and later on I received an offer to study in Cambridge or Oxford.

M: Wow, that must have been so difficult to achieve; but, correct me if I am mistaken, you didn’t go neither of those schools, why is that?

RD: I don’t think you’d get it, I just had a feeling you now? But well, I think I chose wisely by going to Africa instead, look where I am now! You seem thirsty, a cup of tea maybe?

M: Oh, yes please. If I am not mistaken, you joined the air force when the WWII started, and crash landed in a plane when flying over Egypt, how did you feel? Oh, and by the way, what a great tea!

RD: Oh, what a bad memory, but well, I guess we all have to fight pain once in our life. It is very difficult to describe how I felt. When the plane stopped working, I was absolutely sure that I was gonna die! Next thing I remember, I wake up in a white place, doctors come in, they tell me I was in Washington D.C., and what was more surprising, I was alive after breaking my spine and skull! It was the happiest moment in my life, I still remember it, but, I can’t deny, the pain, was horrible.

M: Did anyone visited you at the hospital?

RD: Yes, and someone I never imagined, C.S. Forrester, an amazing writer who inspired me to become what I am today!

M: Did he said anything special to you?

RD: Oh yes he did. He told me I was special, that I had the bravery to go to war, and then get back to US alive! Then I realized that I could become a writer! Tell my story, and tell other’s stories!

M: Wow, that’s great. Then, you met Patricia Neal, what made you fell in love with  her?

RD: Her cheeks, I just loved them

M: Oh, how cute! Then, in 1953, you married her, the same year that you published your best-seller, “Someone like you”, what was this story about?

RD: Oh, I remember that book, it was about two men having a drink at a bar, talking about war and women, really funny story!

M: Okay that’s it, we are running out of time! A pleasure to meet you sir, good bye! Oh, and would you tell me later the brand of that tea?

Registro tecnología, clase del 4/5

La clase pasada, 4/5, hablamos con el profesor sobre que es un proceso y que es un procedimiento.

Llegamos a la conclusión de que un proceso es una serie hechos para cumplir un objetivo,  y un procedimiento es las acciones con las que se ejecuta.

Después, buscamos un video en youtube sobre como hacer algo, y redactamos los procedimientos en los que se hace el proceso.

The short term causes of the world war one

Two weeks ago we did a google Doc on Short term causes of the world war 1.

In the doc we answered some questions on the Moroccan crises, the Bakans crisis, the naval and arms race and the murder at Sarajevo.

Then in class we did a scrapbook summary that you can see below…


Then we did a Lino in which we analysed the causes…