Comic Menelao vs Paris

Nuestra maestra de lengua nos pidió que creemos un cómic a partir de alguna parte de el texto de La Iliada.

«…Paris igual que un dios salio entre los troyanos… Menelao… pensó en vengarse… cuando Paris lo vio frente de los guerreros, su corazón se lleno de miedo y volvió con los suyos…» p.37


Manolo Padilla, Bautista Bravo, Nina Fischer y Azul Sequeira


Roald Dahl biography

Our lenguage teacher asked us to write a mini-biography on Roald Dahl.

Roald Dahl was born on September 13th, 1913.

Early life 

When he was 4 his father died. At that age he was starting school in the town school. As the principal beated him, he moved to St. Peter’s boardschool. But later on he moved to Repton, an academic expert school.

In Repton he improved as an excellent student, so his mother, offered him to go to Cambridge or Oxford.

But he didn’t want that, he said that he wanted to go on an expedition to Africa, and so he did.

In Africa he started working in the Shell oil. Looking for more adventure, he joined the Royal air Force for later on becoming an WW2 fighting pilot.

When flying over Egypt, Dahl crashlanded and broke his back and skull. For medical reasons he was moved to Washington DC

Writing Career

While in Washington DC a famous writer called C.S Forrester, who inspired Dahl to become a writer.

At first he just wrote stories for adults, where he had not much success.

His first best selling story was «Someone like you» in 1953, the same year in which he married the actress Patricia Neal. With her he had 5 children, but one of his daughters suicided. Then of trying to write a child’s story by himself (The Gremlins) he started loosing success, but then he started using his children stories, who helped him improve.

In 1983, he divorced, but later on married Felicity Ann Crossland, who was his partner till 1990, the year of Dahl’s death.

Mirror poem

Our literature teacher, told us to answer some questions about a poem we read.

  1. What is the effect of Plath’s choice to write the poem from a mirror’s perspective?
  2. Why do you think Plath switched the perspective from a mirror to a lake?
  3. Would this poem read differently if it had been written by a man? What about if a man was visiting the lake?
  4. How old do you think the woman in the poem is?
  5. Growing older is scary in this poem. When you think of yourself aging, is it scary like that “terrible fish”?

1- The effect on Plath’s choice to write from a mirror perspective, is because mirrors don’t lie, can’t lie. They only see your true you, your true image.

2-I believe he changed the perspective of the poem to the narrator being a lake, is because mirrors can look things exactly as they are. Instead, the image that a lake gives is or can be disturbed, just as human vision. What I mean is that the image a lake gives, is much more looking-like that how we see ourselves, because our brain distrubs it just as the lake does.

3- It all depends on what type of man wrote it. There are man that care about their image too, and viceversa.

4- I think this woman is very old, because she says that the woman in the lake is growing old, and I believe that she is THAT woman.

5- I don’t think growing old is scary, at least because I’m catholic. And although it is weird to think about, I think the ‘life before the life’ will be awesome

Writing task

Our history teacher told us to draw an object and do a poem about it

Trash can, by Manolo Padilla and Bautista Bravo

Always the trash I am receiving,

The tings that people waste,

My story is about dying,

Under the things that people hate.

Now I am a sea,

Fish live inside me,

And with the waste I eat,

 The life inside me they kill.

History practical work

Our History teacher, asked us to write a text about someone who contributed to the world, in my case, I chosen Bill Gates.

I chose this character because he inspires me to provide more techonlogical solutions, which is what I want to do when i am big.

William Henry Gates III, better known as Bill Gates, was born on 28 of October, 1955.

He was an American business magnate, investor, author, and philanthropist. In 1975, Bill and Paul Allen, one of his best friends, co-foundated Microsoft, which is now the largest computer company. During his carreer in Microsoft, he achieved the positions, of chairman, CEO and chief software architect and he authored a lot of books.

Since 1987, he was included in the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people, in which  from 1995 to 2007  he was the wealthiest. Now he is again the richest man alive, with US$85.6 billion. Also, Bill Gates is coinsidered very important on history because of how he promoted Technology.


Mi nombre es Manuel Padilla, pero no me digan así, Manolo está bien. Soy una persona muy creativa y activa. Vivo con mis papas, mis dos hermanas y mis abuelos. En mi casa me gusta escuchar música de Twenty one Pilots e Imagine Dragons mientras juego a la Playstation4, a la que solía jugar mucho con mi papa y también me gusta mucho dibujar.

En el colegio yo siempre tuve una ventaja que estos 2 últimos años se volvió una pesadilla. A mi nada me costaba esfuerzo, todo me salía solo y no estudiaba, pero ahora, que esta todo mas difícil, no se como estudiar ):.

Me encanta la pizza y la milanesa.

Los fines de semana últimamente estuve yendo al Jockey Club en San Isidro, donde nos metemos a la pileta a refrescarnos.

Yo nací el día 9 del mes 9, del año 2003. Vivo en Argentina, Buenos Aires, y esta, es mi vida.

English favourite book

Our favourite English book are Harry Potter books. We like it because it’s a series of books which have lots of emotional parts. Now HP has also 8 movies adapted from 7 books.

The writer of these books is Joanne Rowling a.k.a J.K Rowling, who was born in London and is 51 years old.

The Harry Potter story is a fantastic book which has lots of love and magic.

About JK, we know that she had not a good relationship neither with their parents or his husband who broke up with her. But when she decided to write a book, she became famous and she is now happy.


Bauti Bravo and Manolo Padilla Seguir leyendo English favourite book