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Teeth 2

Here is our collage of teeth and how to treat them.

With Juan Pablo Uva, Sofía Luchter, Nina Fischer

Self Evaluation

I think we worked really well today. We were able to do this task together and withouth internal problems at all. Still, we had a problem with the picture the first time we posted it.


La gentrificación en Argentina está muy presente. Hace unos años el ejemplo mas claro de gentrificación en Buenos Aires son por ejemplo Palermo, Puerto Madero, y más, pero hoy en día La Boca es uno de los mejores ejemplos. En 2008 y 2009, por ejemplo, muchas teorías surgieron dentro del barrio sobre ciertos incendios y o tras cosas, que llevaron a la gente a suponer una veniente gentrificación de su barrio. La Boca, además, es un barrio perfecto para grandes invertores, ya que tiene una de las mayores atracciones de Buenos Aires, La Bombonera. Estos días circuló un video en el que claramente se muestra la gentrificación en la Boca, en el que hinchas de Boca Juniors le reclaman a los vecinos que vendan sus casas para poner edificios.


In biology, we are doing a research project on teeth

Lab activities

A1 and A2

a) How many teeth do you have on your jaws?


b) How many of these are incisors?

4 in each jaw.

c) How many are canines?

2 in each jaw

d) How many are premolars and molars?

4 premolars and 4 molars in each jaw


a)Do you have filling in your teeth? Wich?

In none of them


a) Take a bite out of an apple, what teeth did you use?

The incisors

b) How are they adapted for their function?

They are sharp and well positioned


a) Chew an apple carefully, what teeth did you use?

Molars and premolars

b) They are very strong


a) What else happens as you chew?

Saliva is disolving the food to create the bolus.

Activities on the blog


2)a. When you swallow food you feel the bolus of food mixed with saliva that goes slowly from the mouth through the oesophagus.

But when you drink water, you feel a fast sense of refresh and thesalive mixed with water finally goes to the oesophagus.


When taking a portion of food from a hole meal, like biting a burger, we first bite of the piece we are going to eat, we bite it off with the Incisors, the front teeth. Then, the saliva comes in action, wetting the food, as the younger pushes it to the top of our mouths. Then, we proceed to bite the food with the Molars, the back teeth, while, at the same time, the younger moves the food around and the salive wets the food. This all happens until the food is no longer solid, when the tongue pushes the food towards the throat, where it is swallowed, with the throat contracting to push the food down.



Páginas 118, 119, 120, 121, 124 y 125

Pág 119 act. 1,2

Pág 121 act. 1,2,3


  1. ¿Cuáles fueron los avances que aceleraron la evolución de los espacios urbanos? Los avances que aceleraron la evolución de los espacios urbanos fueron la máquina de vapor, la creación de fábricas y el trabajo asalariado, la mejora del transporte y surgimiento del ferrocarril, finalmente, más tarde surgió el motor de combustión interna haciendo uso del petróleo.

  2. Completen el esquema con las características principales de cada etapa.

Revolución industrial

  • Transformó los modos de producción

  • Transformó el transporte

Fines del siglo XIX

  • Motores de combustión por petróleo

  • Nacen las ciudades postindustriales

Ciudades postindustriales

  • Subieron mucho la población, a diferencia de los que ya estaban


  1. Indiquen con una L las industrias livianas y P las pesadas

  1. Fábrica de harina de trigo L

  2. Fábrica de remedios P

  3. Fábrica de autos P

  4. Fábrica de zapatos L

  5. Fábrica de artículos de limpieza L

  • Realicen una lista de cuatro servicios esenciales y cuatro no esenciales.

  1. Esenciales

  1. Educación

  2. Atención a la salud

  3. Transporte

  4. Agua potable

  • No esenciales

  1. Recreación

  2. Turismo

  3. Entretenimiento

  4. Internet

  • Qué medio de transporte usarían para trasladar estos productos.

  1. Rosas de Ecuador a México: Barco

  2. Ropa de China a Estados Unidos: Barco

  3. Autos desde Córdoba a Buenos Aires: Camion

Biology rap and role play

In biology, we were asked to, in our base groups, to ceate a poem and a role play of other groups.

Osmosis and Plants Cells


-cell1: hey dude

-cell2: what’s up

-cell1: nothing much, why are you surrounded by a cell wall?

-cell2: no idea man. Did you hear what happened to jack, he fell into the water, and was surrounded by it, too much water man, he died.

-cell1: he must’ve been really fat

-cell2: yeah, his cytoplasm and vacuole swelled up a lot, that’s what caused his death, apart from the water.

-cell1: but, where did he fall? Because the membrane is supposed to survive, so, it must’ve been a lot of water.

-cell2: yeah, a glass of water, poor guy.

-cell1: yeah, I think rose took a picture of him before he died, the dude was all buffed up, turgid. He got huge on his last moments.

-Cell 2: Maybe that is why I have a cell wall.


Hey there I’m Mr cell, and I want to go leave this high concentration place.

I love osmosis, water is my life, surrounded by a cell wall, i’m not fat, i fall into the water and swell up. WOOO

Sometimes I’m turgid, sometimes I’m not, all depending on how much water I’m on.

It’s not the same as diffusion, this is my own, there’s no concentration it’s water potential.

So this is life as a plant cell,

Water keeps me alive

I’m just here jamming, like the plant I am

And That was my rap


Coordinator: Manolo

Facilitator: Uva

Support: Nina

We found it easy, because everyone worked perfectly. We were all happy with our positions and we worked fine. Besides, Nina had already created a beat so the rap was easy to create.


We were also asked to assess one of the groups, I chose Gonzalo’s Sofi’s and Olivia’s group.

I think their presentation was great and very complete, but it would’ve been fun if they sang the song.

Edgar Allan Poe biography

EAP was born in USA in 1809 and died in 1849. He was a writer, critic, poet and romantic periodist. He is better known for his uncanny poems and short stories, most usually about crimes, as well as one of the most famous figures of romanticism.
Poe’s parents were both actors, but he never had a chance to talk to them. Even though it was a healthy relationship, Poe’s father left them, and her mother died when he was 3.

After being separated from his brother and sister, Poe went to live with John and Frances Valentine, a successful tobacco merchant and his wife. Even though his father wanted him to continue the family business, Poe wrote poems.

In 1826, EAP entered the university of Virginia, where he was top of the class, but John didn’t fund him. In the search for money to pay debts, he started gambling, where he lost almost everything. When he got home, his fianceé Sarah Elmira Royster had gotten engaged to someone else, so he moved to Boston to start over.

In 1827 he published his first book and joined the army. After two years he found that his adopted mother was dying. Sadly, by the time he returned, she had already died of tuberculosis. He bonded with John Allan again, who helped him get into the West Point’s military academy.

After 1 year he was kicked out for not doing his duties on time, and there started his career.

Poe struggled with poverty until one of his short stories won a contest. 2 years later he got a deal with an editorial and made a living.

Cápsula del tiempo

Cápsula del tiempo

Este año vamos a hacer una cápsula del tiempo que vamos a abrir en 10 años. Esta es nuestra idea para poner en la caja (trabajé con Toto, Marco y Fermín)

Entrevista a uno mismo en forma de video


  • ¿Dónde los guardaríamos?

En una cuenta de google drive – Le pediríamos a alguien que no participe en el proyecto que cree una cuenta de Google. Solo esa persona sabría la contraseña y el mail de la cuenta y anotaría los datos en un papel que iría a la cápsula del tiempo.

  • ¿Como haríamos los videos?

Nos filmaríamos haciendo preguntas y esperaríamos en silencio el tiempo que creamos necesario para que nuestro yo futuro responda.

  • ¿Como le mandamos los videos?
    Se los mandaríamos a su cuenta personal y esa persona lo mandaría a la nueva cuenta.

    • ¿Como nos afectaría en el futuro?

    Entenderíamos como pensabamos el pasado además de que a través de preguntas recordaríamos nuestros objetivos e ideales.

    • ¿Como está conectado a la materia?

    Deberíamos usar conjugaciones poco usuales ya que hablaríamos de un futuro en el que hablamos del pasado. Además practicaríamos hacer entrevistas.

  • ¿Como nos afectaría en el futuro?

Entenderíamos como pensabamos el pasado además de que a través de preguntas recordaríamos nuestros objetivos e ideales.

  • ¿Como está conectado a la materia?

Deberíamos usar conjugaciones poco usuales ya que hablaríamos de un futuro en el que hablamos del pasado. Además practicaríamos hacer entrevistas.