In biology, we are doing a research project on teeth

Lab activities

A1 and A2

a) How many teeth do you have on your jaws?


b) How many of these are incisors?

4 in each jaw.

c) How many are canines?

2 in each jaw

d) How many are premolars and molars?

4 premolars and 4 molars in each jaw


a)Do you have filling in your teeth? Wich?

In none of them


a) Take a bite out of an apple, what teeth did you use?

The incisors

b) How are they adapted for their function?

They are sharp and well positioned


a) Chew an apple carefully, what teeth did you use?

Molars and premolars

b) They are very strong


a) What else happens as you chew?

Saliva is disolving the food to create the bolus.

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2)a. When you swallow food you feel the bolus of food mixed with saliva that goes slowly from the mouth through the oesophagus.

But when you drink water, you feel a fast sense of refresh and thesalive mixed with water finally goes to the oesophagus.


When taking a portion of food from a hole meal, like biting a burger, we first bite of the piece we are going to eat, we bite it off with the Incisors, the front teeth. Then, the saliva comes in action, wetting the food, as the younger pushes it to the top of our mouths. Then, we proceed to bite the food with the Molars, the back teeth, while, at the same time, the younger moves the food around and the salive wets the food. This all happens until the food is no longer solid, when the tongue pushes the food towards the throat, where it is swallowed, with the throat contracting to push the food down.


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