Biology rap and role play

In biology, we were asked to, in our base groups, to ceate a poem and a role play of other groups.

Osmosis and Plants Cells


-cell1: hey dude

-cell2: what’s up

-cell1: nothing much, why are you surrounded by a cell wall?

-cell2: no idea man. Did you hear what happened to jack, he fell into the water, and was surrounded by it, too much water man, he died.

-cell1: he must’ve been really fat

-cell2: yeah, his cytoplasm and vacuole swelled up a lot, that’s what caused his death, apart from the water.

-cell1: but, where did he fall? Because the membrane is supposed to survive, so, it must’ve been a lot of water.

-cell2: yeah, a glass of water, poor guy.

-cell1: yeah, I think rose took a picture of him before he died, the dude was all buffed up, turgid. He got huge on his last moments.

-Cell 2: Maybe that is why I have a cell wall.


Hey there I’m Mr cell, and I want to go leave this high concentration place.

I love osmosis, water is my life, surrounded by a cell wall, i’m not fat, i fall into the water and swell up. WOOO

Sometimes I’m turgid, sometimes I’m not, all depending on how much water I’m on.

It’s not the same as diffusion, this is my own, there’s no concentration it’s water potential.

So this is life as a plant cell,

Water keeps me alive

I’m just here jamming, like the plant I am

And That was my rap


Coordinator: Manolo

Facilitator: Uva

Support: Nina

We found it easy, because everyone worked perfectly. We were all happy with our positions and we worked fine. Besides, Nina had already created a beat so the rap was easy to create.


We were also asked to assess one of the groups, I chose Gonzalo’s Sofi’s and Olivia’s group.

I think their presentation was great and very complete, but it would’ve been fun if they sang the song.

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