Edgar Allan Poe biography

EAP was born in USA in 1809 and died in 1849. He was a writer, critic, poet and romantic periodist. He is better known for his uncanny poems and short stories, most usually about crimes, as well as one of the most famous figures of romanticism.
Poe’s parents were both actors, but he never had a chance to talk to them. Even though it was a healthy relationship, Poe’s father left them, and her mother died when he was 3.

After being separated from his brother and sister, Poe went to live with John and Frances Valentine, a successful tobacco merchant and his wife. Even though his father wanted him to continue the family business, Poe wrote poems.

In 1826, EAP entered the university of Virginia, where he was top of the class, but John didn’t fund him. In the search for money to pay debts, he started gambling, where he lost almost everything. When he got home, his fianceé Sarah Elmira Royster had gotten engaged to someone else, so he moved to Boston to start over.

In 1827 he published his first book and joined the army. After two years he found that his adopted mother was dying. Sadly, by the time he returned, she had already died of tuberculosis. He bonded with John Allan again, who helped him get into the West Point’s military academy.

After 1 year he was kicked out for not doing his duties on time, and there started his career.

Poe struggled with poverty until one of his short stories won a contest. 2 years later he got a deal with an editorial and made a living.

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