Variation and Selection ( with Juan Pablo Uva)

We were asked by our biology teacher to, in pairs, watch the videos about variation and selection on her blog( and answer the following questions;

1)What did I learn today / Question it

  • Variation is caused by the random mixing of the parents’ genes in the offspring.
  • The color of the fur is a variation.
  • Some animals are benefited by this so they can camouflage.
  • Variation might be caused or affected by the environment.
  • Two identical twins might grow up to be different if raised in different environments


Variation→random mixing of parents genes in the offspring → A random variation might benefit the individual → If it helps them survive till the next generation, the muted Gene, will pass on to the next generation → Eventually, a new species is born, that derived from another one, but that is better


4)Link to other subjects

Historia → Because of variation and adaptations, evolution happened, and the world changed to what it is now. Before there were neanderthals for example, that evolved through variation to us, homo sapiens sapiens

We weren’t able to finish the day we were given this task because our headphones didn’t work properly, we spoke too much, and the computers were failing

Homework: Pages 261/262, Questions 4 and 5

4)a. Free

B. I. There are more female students than male’s in that school. More students had free ear lobes rather than attached. Women tend more to have attached ear lobes.

II. (?)

III. (?)

5) Has feathers/Wings/Peak